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Styled by Lisa warren for Event Mesh-Up


Style Assist Response Styled by Lisa warren


Styled by Lisa warren for Event Shoe Style


styled on Fantasy Shopper


Style Assist Response Styled by Lisa warren


Style Assist Response Styled by Lisa warren


Style Assist Response Styled by Lisa warren


styled on Fantasy Shopper


Styled by Lisa warren for Event Hang on to your Hat


Styled by Lisa warren for Event Spring Sunnies

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Attention Please: One of the greatest finds of all the Interent

It’s Me again… Lisa. I wanted to show all of you wonderful people a site that is SO FREAKING AMAZING!! You can ask well what can be better than that ? Its FREE! Its called Rainymood. I am one of those weirdos that needs some sort of noise to go to sleep,like a fan or what not. Anyway there is this site I found when wandering Pinterest one day, and I have been using it every night for probably going on a year now. The only thing after leaving my laptop on all night every night like the first month was hmmm, I think this night not be doing my laptop and favors in the long run. So I am such a lucky girl lol, My Super, Fantastic, Amazing Fiancee wrote a program that plays the Rain program as long as I want and his program takes over and then shuts my computer down for the night . WIN=WIN. I know use mine every night for 2 hours and it seems to be the perfect amount of time. Anyways i would recommend this to anyone and everyone, maybe you have insomnia, maybe a baby that wakes up at night. Anyway so you should go on over and check it out. I would have loved to have had this years ago. I just like helping people in any way I can. A pay it forward kinda chick. Oh and if you are interested in having a program written for you to shut down your computer so it doesn’t run all night , You should head over to my honeys blog and for a small reasonable fee he will write you one too. His name is Herb and he is the best! Here is his blog My Honeys Blog . I Hope you fall in love with this site as much as I did . Enjoy Everyone!


The best site ever Rainy Mood