Game of Thrones Season 4 Video: ‘The War’s Not Won’ – Plus, Who Has It Out for the Lannisters?

The Game is about to begin again: Prepare for battle.

The first full-length trailer for the Game of Thrones‘ upcoming fourth season debuted Sunday on HBO, giving us a glimpse of what’s ahead for the good (and evil) people of Westeros and beyond.

What leapt out at us: Daenerys laying down the law, Jaime’s haircut, Wildings invading, Arya drawing a sword, Joffrey’s wedding, Melisandre being creepy (as usual), a new threat (?) for the Lannisters and a tearful Tyrion telling someone, “If you want justice, you’ve come to the wrong place.”

Thrones returns on Sunday, April 6, at 9/8c.

Press PLAY on the video below for your first peek at Season 4, then hit the comments with your predictions about the action ahead.


Breaking News : Game of Thrones


BREAKING: Game of Thrones Season 4 premieres Sunday, April 6 at 9PM on HBO. The first trailer for season 4 will air this Sunday at 8:58PM ET before True Detective.

Send the ravens.

Game Of Thrones Scoop: [Spoiler] Promoted to Series Regular — But There’s a Twist!

Winter 2015 is coming!

Although HBO has yet to announce a premiere date for Game of Thrones‘ fourth season, producers of the smash have already secured the services of a key player for Season 5.


TVLine has learned that Nashville and Treme actor Michiel Huisman, who is set appear in multiple Season 4 episodes as Daenerys’ love interest Daario Naharis, has inked a deal to return as a full-fledged series regular in a possible fifth season.

The in-demand Huisman (who is also set to recur in Season 2 of Orphan Black) replaces Ed Skrein, who originated the role of Daario in Season 3.

Thrones‘ fourth season will bow sometime this spring.


‘Game of Thrones’ King Joffrey to quit acting?

Actor Jack Gleeson said he’d like to quit acting professionally and focus on charity work.

“Game of Thrones” actor Jack Gleeson said he plans to quit acting and focus on charity work after his role as King Joffrey Baratheon on the HBO series ends.The 21-year-old Irish actor, who studies philosophy and theology at Dublin’s Trinity College, told Ireland’s The Independent he doesn’t want to act professionally after he done with the fantasy.

“It was always a recreation beforehand, but when I started doing Game of Thrones perhaps the reality was made too real for me,” he said. “The lifestyle that comes with being an actor in a successful TV show isn’t something I gravitate towards.”

Gleeson plays King Joffrey on the show, inspired by a series of books written by George R.R. Martin.

“You tend to abstract yourself from the creepiness of [the character] when you’re playing it, but when you see it on television it sends shivers down my spine,” Gleeson said. “I would like to try and defend [the character], but I would have a pretty hard job doing it. I suppose he’s the product of his context and his family. In terms of redeemable qualities, there wouldn’t be many.”

Instead of acting Gleeson wants to focus on charity work. He recently returned from a trip to Haiti with aid agency Goal.

“Since going to Trinity and garnering an interest in philosophy and with Goal and my theatre company I’ve kind of just re-evaluated what I want to do,” he said. “I’m 21, so it’s hard to decide what kind of course life will take.””I’d been looking to use the celebrity I’ve got from the show to bring awareness for causes Goal supports,” Gleeson added. “I had the connection with the organization through my uncle, Tim Gleeson, and he worked with Goal in the 1980s.

‘Game Of Thrones’ Is The Most Pirated Show For The Second Year In A Row

Golden Globe Nominations

Winter is always coming for pirates.

In TorrentFreak’s annual look at the year’s most pirated television shows, “Game Of Thrones” took home the “top” spot for the second year in a row.

With 5.9 million estimated BitTorrent downloads for the season 3 finale, “Game of Thrones” easily beat out competition that included “Breaking Bad” (4.2 million) and “The Walking Dead” (3.6 million). Unlike “The Walking Dead” or “Breaking Bad” however, “Game Of Thrones,” “Homeland” and “Dexter” — all shows on premium cable — were the only shows in the top 10 where the number of estimated BitTorrent downloads exceeded the estimated number of TV viewers.

Piracy has become an increasingly useful way for companies to monitor the popularity of their shows. In September, Netflix VP of Content Acquisition Kelly Merryman told Dutch news site Tweakers that Netflix looks at what’s doing well on piracy sites when deciding which series to acquire.

Even Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes sees a silver lining in the rampant piracy for “Game Of Thrones.” “That’s better than an Emmy,” Bewkes said during an August earnings call in reference to “Game Of Thrones” being the most pirated show of 2012. “Our experience is, it all leads to more [subscribers].”

Still, not every exec or producer is touting the benefits of piracy. Earlier this month, “The Walking Dead” Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd expressed the opposite sentiment at Variety’s Content Protection Summit.

“There’s a mistaken belief by many of my peers that piracy is somehow good, that viewers will develop a habit to pay for it,” Hurd said during a Q&A at the event. “I’m not sure they really understand other than anecdotal evidence that their ratings go up that the people who pirate are not then going to choose legal downloads or legal viewing in the future.”


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