News/ Sons of Anarchy Boss Kurt Sutter Dishes on What’s Next For Jax (and the Show) After Devastating Finale Death


Spoiler Alert! The following article contains major spoilers about last night’s episode of Sons of Anarchy. Away with you if you don’t want to know what happened!

“Obviously, it’s a major shift in mythology.”

Understatement of the TV season much, Kurt Sutter?!

Sons of Anarchy‘s season six finale delivered one of the small screen’s most shocking deaths in recent history (just weeks after committing another one!), killing off Jax’s (Charlie Hunnam) wife Tara (Maggie Siff, who has been with the show since it began) in particularly brutal fashion: she was killed by mother-in-law Gemma (Katey Sagal) with a meat carving knife.

At a finale screening event in Los Angeles, Sutter talked to reporters about what’s ahead for Jax in the FX drama’s final season now that he’s lost his “moral compass,” and revealed when he decided Tara had to die. Plus, Siff and Sagal weighed in on that shocking death scene.

Of the decision to off Tara, Sutter explained “I wanted to remove [Jax’s] ‘True North,’ because I feel like there needs to be this major psychic and emotional shift that has to happen. What direction it will push him in we will see next season. But what happens to a guy like that now that he’s lost both of the people he loves the most, who were able to be his moral compass, with Opie and now Tara. It really is Jax completely untethered and on his own in the final season.”

And while there “may be a little of a time [jump],” Sutter said it won’t be “a vast” amount of time as “I don’t want to lose the weight of what’s happened.”

As for Sagal, she has no idea what’s next for Gemma after killing her daughter-in-law, wondering, “Is that a secret she holds? She’s a good secret-keeper. Is that something she self-destructs behind? And Kurt will figure that out for sure.”

Of course, Juice (Theo Rossi), who cleaned up Gemma’s crime scene and killed Eli to keep her secret, will factor into her storyline in a major way in the final season.

“I don’t think it was a calculated move on Juice’s part [to save Gemma]; in the moment he did what was expected of him, ‘Sutter said of the troubled SAMCRO member. “But now the great thing is that we get this rich dynamic between the two of them. They were tied with the whole Clay of it all and now they’re deeply tied with this secret. Now we have really something fun to play with.”



News/ Sons of Anarchy: Drea de Matteo Upped to Series Regular for Final Season


Get ready to see a lot more of Wendy Case, Sons of Anarchy fans.

Drea de Matteo has been promoted to series regular, after six seasons of fairly regular appearances on the FX drama, E! News has confirmed.

After the (major spoiler alert!) shocking deaths of Clay (Ron Perlman) and Tara (Maggie Siff) last season, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that a few other characters might see a little more screen time when the series returns for its final season.

The actress, who won an Emmy for her work on The Sopranos in 1999, has recurred as drug addict and Jax’s (Charlie Hunnam) estranged ex-wife Wendy since season one. Given the fact that Jax’s second wife, Tara, was killed in the sixth season finale, it makes sense that Wendy would step up to play a bigger part in the life of her son and on the show.

Aside from her role on The Sopranos, de Matteo also had recurring roles on Desperate Housewives and Joey, and recently guest starred in an episode of The Mindy Project.

TVLine first reported the news of de Matteo’s promotion.

Fans can expect the death of Tara to have a major impact on Jax and the show when it returns. “I wanted to remove [Jax’s] ‘True North,’ because I feel like there needs to be this major psychic and emotional shift that has to happen. What direction it will push him in we will see next season,” creator Kurt Sutter previewed. “But what happens to a guy like that now that he’s lost both of the people he loves the most, who were able to be his moral compass, with Opie and now Tara. It really is Jax completely untethered and on his own in the final season.”

Sons of Anarchy will begin airing its seventh and final season sometime this fall on FX.


20 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Sons Of Anarchy

The much anticipated Sons of Anarchy premiere is here and everyone’s excited. Here are 20 things you probably didn’t know about the show.


1. Kurt Sutter, the show’s creator, plays Otto, the Sons of Anarchy member in prison.


2. During Hurricane Sandy, Sutter Purchased 5,000 Copies for Those That Missed It


3. The Men of Mayhem patch signifies a member has shed blood.


4. Many of the shots in the first season were shot around the SoCal town of Tujunga with some specifically being shot at the local high school Verdugo Hills High.


5. ‘Katey Segal’ (Gemma) is the real life partner of show creator Kurt Sutter, since October 2004.


6. Ryan Hurst Looks Weird Without His Beard


7. The show is loosely based on Hamlet


8. The phone tapping device used by the Federal agents in season 2 is in actuality Pro-Tools software running off a laptop and connected to an M-Box interface. In real life it’s used for audio recording and editing, not wire tapping.


9. The boat owned by IRA gunrunner Cameron Hayes (Jamie McShane) is named “Dithreabhaigh”, Gaelic for Hermit.


10. The original title of Sons of Anarchy was Forever Sam Crow.


11. The first and last episodes of season 3 are titled SO and NS, respectively, which, when put together, spells out SONS.


12. Jax carries a KA-BAR United States knife usually issued to the USMC but also issued to the US Army and US Navy. The knife’s name is commonly pronounced as “K-Bar”.


13. Tig’s fear of dolls is called Pediophobia. Creator Kurt Sutter suffers from it in real life.


14. Katey Sagal’s (Gemma) son in real life is named Jackson. Her character Gemma is mother to Jackson ‘Jax’.


15. Based on the Show, This is the Layout of the Charming Hospital


16. The sheriff of Charming is called Unser and is seen to be under the control of the club. In German “Unser” mean “ours”.


17. Sam Crow (actually, SAMCRO) stands for “Sons of Anarchy Motorcyle Club Redwood Original.” This is in reference to their being an original, or charter member of the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club.


18. Six of the “First 9” members were veterans. There is a separate patch for all members that are part of the “First 9”, which Piney and Clay wear in Season One.


19. The SOA patch on the back of the kuttes is a Grim Reaper holding a crystal ball with the anarchy “A,” and wielding the Reaper’s traditional scythe, the handle of which has been replaced by the M16 rifle that the club’s founders wielded in Vietnam.


20. Ron Perlman was initially scared of his Harley


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Stephen “Twitch” Boss Marries SYTYCD Costar Allison Holker!


Stephen “Twitch” Boss has a dance partner for life. The So You Think You Can Dance standout married costar Allison Holker in a wedding on Tuesday, Dec. 10, Us Weekly can confirm.

Boss, 31, and Holker, 25, said “I do” at SYTYCD judge Nigel Lythgoe‘s Villa San Juliette winery in California. Both tweeted their excitement about the big day in the hours leading up to the ceremony, with photos of their wedding party and prep.


“Ahhhhhhhhh it’s HERE!!! WEDDING TIME,” Holker, who wore a strapless dress and veil, tweeted. Added her then-fiance: “TODAYS THE DAY!!! THE FUTURE MR AND MRS BOSS!!!”

Boss, who appeared in Step Up Revolution and came in second place on the fourth season of SYTYCD, first broke the news of his engagement to Holker back in January, after the couple had been dating for two and a half years. “Allison Holker said yes!!!” he announced on Jan. 20.

“We began our journey in 2010 and are now stepping into a new chapter!!!” his fiancee wrote after accepting his proposal. “I found the MAN that completes my soul. He fuels me everyday with energy, life and happiness. I’m forever inspired and grateful for you @sir_twitch_alot!!!! I LOVE YOU.”


This article originally appeared on Stephen “Twitch” Boss Marries SYTYCD Costar Allison Holker!


Paul Walker Autopsy Results: Actor Died From ‘Traumatic and Thermal Injuries’


Paul Walker died of “combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries.” That’s the official word from the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Department, which conducted autopsies on the “Fast & Furious” star and his friend Roger Rodas on Tuesday and released the results Wednesday morning.

The report formally identified Walker, 40, as the passenger, and Rodas, 38, as the driver, in what was ruled for the first time as an “accident.” According to the report, Rodas died of “multiple traumatic injuries” and Walker of “combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries.” The injury occurred via “auto versus Fixed Object.”

A toxicology report is still pending for both men and should be completed in six to eight weeks.

Walker and Rodas were killed when Rodas apparently lost control of their 2005 Porsche Carrera GT and slammed into a tree and light pole on Saturday afternoon in Valencia, California. Walker had just participated in a nearby charity event. He was on a Thanksgiving weekend hiatus from filming “Fast & Furious 7.”

The Los Angeles Country Sheriff’s Department is still investigating the cause of the crash. Investigators hope to have their initial findings in the next week. Although speed was determined to be a contributing factor, detectives are also looking at the possibility of a mechanical failure or blown tire.

In the meantime, the scene of the accident has become a makeshift memorial, attracting family, friends, co-stars, and fans, who are leaving flowers, photos, and other mementos.

Also Wednesday morning, Universal Pictures announced it was shutting down production on the latest sequel

“Right now, all of us at Universal are dedicated to providing support to Paul’s immediate family and our extended ‘Fast & Furious’ family of cast, crew, and filmmakers,” the studio said in a statement. “At this time we feel it is our responsibility to shut down production on ‘Fast & Furious 7’ for a period of time so we can assess all options available to move forward with the franchise. We are committed to keeping ‘Fast & Furious’ fans informed, and we will provide further information to them when we have it. Until then, we know they join us in mourning the passing of our dear friend Paul Walker.”

Sources tell Yahoo that about two-thirds of the film would have to be rewritten to accommodate the loss of Walker, and the screenwriters will be huddling with studio execs, director James Wan, and franchise co-star Vin Diesel to come up with a respectful way to proceed. Among the options: scrap the footage that has been shot and start over from scratch.


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