Happy Birthday Michael Hutchence

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Today also marks what would have been the 54th birthday for Michael Hutchence, the singer of the Australian new wave/alt rock pioneering band INXS. In addition to his vocal talents for INXS, rumor has it that Oliver Stone was thinking about casting Michael to play the part of Jim Morrison in the movie rendition of The Doors, but due to Michael’s inability to put his Australian accent aside, Mr. Hutchence was passed over for Val Kilmer. A man who truly embodied the rock ‘n roll lifestyle, Mr. Hutchence passed away in 1998. RIP Michael – the world hasn’t been the same without you.


Breaking News : Game of Thrones


BREAKING: Game of Thrones Season 4 premieres Sunday, April 6 at 9PM on HBO. The first trailer for season 4 will air this Sunday at 8:58PM ET before True Detective.

Send the ravens.

TUTORIAL | Burned Paper Nails



1. Paint your nails with a light nude polish, wait until it’s completely dries.

2. Put a piece of newspaper in alcohol, and wait 15-20 sec.

3.Place the wet paper onto your nails, push it down with your fingers and wait until the alcohol evaporates (7-10 sec), and remove the paper.

4. Topcoat it with clear polish.

5. Draw some lines with black polish, where you want your burned papers edges.

6., 7. Put some black and brown polish with a piece of makeup sponge around the black lines.

8. Clean up the edges with acetone.

9. Use a matte topcoat.

I’d do this

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‘Nirvana Day ‘ is Coming to Hoquiam, Washington in 2014


Alt-rock legends Nirvana recently became an official part of musical lore with the announcement that the band are among the latest inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame alongside such acts as KISS, Hall & Oates and Peter Gabriel, among others.

Now, the group will be the recipient of its 24-hour commemoration on April 10, 2014 (the same day as the band’s induction into the Hall of Fame), when the small city of Hoquiam, Washington, celebrates the first Nirvana Day.

Nirvana’s late frontman, Kurt Cobain, was born and raised in the nearby city of Aberdeen, and lived in Hoquiam for a brief period of time.

“They bring great honor, I think as I say, to our entire community,” Hoquiam Mayor Jack Durney told radio station KXRO. “And I think that it’s good Kurt Cobain lived in Hoquiam for a little while, but he and Krist Novoselic are part of our community, and I think it’s good to honor our sons and their great accomplishments.”

This month (Dec. 2013) marked the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s now-legendary Unplugged in New York performance, which occurred just four months before Cobain’s death in 1994.


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