About Me


Well yep this is me. I will be updating this frequently

  • California born and raised, 10 years in Seattle Washington, 13 years in Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Currently living in Texas
  • I am an 80’s baby, I always will be A hardcore Duranie and an INXS fan forever
  • I am a 100% Full Blooded Scorpio (and proud)
  • Because of Pinterest I have figured out I am a foodie, Especially when it comes to Mexican food.
  • I am Engaged to the Greatest man on earth
  • I have a Maltese named Jackson (shhhhh he is a HUGE mama’s boy) don’t tell anyone.

I Just wanted to leave a quick note here for everyone. I started this blog just to be myself, to have somewhere I can have all my goodies in one spot and to be honest just have fun. Also Important I am new and getting the feel of everything learning my way around, But even more Important I am not great with punctuation, Grammar and everything looking like the blog of a Pro. I have seen A lot of blogs since I started mine and I SWEAR they all look like they are written by college graduates. I guess I am trying to say please don’t expect that level from me. Again here to have fun, Share with whoever all my goofy stuff I like and think is interesting. I am not going to change that I like they way things are going. To be honest I don’t want to be like the mega bloggers that write a 9000 word post about politics, subjects that are way over my head, or things that I am just not as interested in as others. Thanks for listening and hopefully, understanding.

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