Bacon Wrapped Smoked Jalapenos

Yum My fiancee would devour these

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Time to get your butthole burn on. These shits are a hit. Bacon, jalapeno, beef, sausage, cheese fuckin go hard jalapenos. Pretty simple to make, just takes some time so have some patience playboy.

Gather your arsenal of cooking supplies.


-1lb ground beef

-1lb ground sausage

-2lb bacon

-cream cheese

-10 jalapenos

-taco seasoning



first leave your cream cheese out to get it to room temp. Shit will be easier to mix and shit.


Next, cut and clean out the jalapenos. Get most of the seeds out. If you’re a juggarnaut, leave some of those shits it to make it nice and spicy.


Fuck yeah. No we’re going to assemble to stuffing. Its basically just half and half beef and sausage, but feel free to add whatever the fuck you want to this. (potatoes, onions, mushrooms, hot sauce, bbq sauce, spices just some suggestions for your lame…

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